外国人留学生の新規入国手続きについて/About new immigration procedures for international students

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We are introducing procedures to apply for entry into Japan followed by regulations, the New Border Measures (29) by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for entering Japan. The revision will be announced anytime.

For international students who do not have a residence card and wish to enter Japan, please follow Procedures for New entry into Japan from 1 through 7 below.

For those who re-enter Japan, or are eligible for re-entry after a new Certificate of Eligibility due to the expiration of the deemed re-entry period, etc. please refer to “★Entry Procedures for Re-entry at the end.

Procedures for New entry into Japan

1. Please apply for New entry into Japan: Request of Certification of Acceptance to Global Education Center at Hosei university.

Application Form, Formzuhttps://ws.formzu.net/fgen/S92894242/
Required documents: See Formzu.

* Please contact us by email (gso@hosei.ac.jp) if you notice an error and wish to revise it after your first application.

2. You will receive Certificate of Acceptance and “申立書, Moshitatesho” only if the expiration date of your COE has passed by email from Global Education Center. (Expected time: About 2 to 7 days after applied by Formzu)

* It will take more time if your application is incomplete.

3. Please apply for your visa at the embassy/consulate of Japan. (Expected time: About 5 days to 2 weeks)

* It will take more time depending on the embassy/consulate.

4.1) Please inform us your visa and flight information by Formzu referred as #2.

4.2) If you need 3 days at home choose either one of “②Waiting at home or hotel in which you can have an individual room.


As shown URL below, the government states Country or region of your stay before arrival” or Valid vaccination certificate.If your country or region of your stay before arrival isblue,” you have no isolation. If your country or region of your stay before arrival isyellow and not having 3rd injection yet, “3 days at home” is assigned to you. In that case, if you take the inspection of negative on the third day, you are free from the quarantine.  However, if you do not take the inspection on the third day, you have to remain as the quarantine 4 more days. If your country or region of your stay before arrival is red,” you stay either “3 days at home” or “3 days at facility.” Please check the latest information whether your country or reign requires the quarantine or not.


Before coming to Japan within 6 hours to 2 weeks, please register “Fast Track.” This registration will your entry easier at the quarantine inspection.


Please confirm your assignment, “No isolation,” “3 days at home,” or “3 days at facility” and apply by Formzu.

“3 days at facility” does not require you fees.


5. The agent will contact the students if you reserve the quarantine facility designated by University. Please pay the fee and complete the reservation.

6. For more information about required documents, Global Education Center will email you.

7. Report your health condition during your quarantine period.

Reporting form: We will inform you with above information.
As stated in Pledge, please follow the rules of immigration conditions. Even after the end of the quarantine, please take proper infection control and be aware of your daily life. If you have any symptom, please contact Global Education Center immediately.

Entry Procedures for Re-entry Immigration
If you re-enter into Japan, you can issue visa without
Certification of Acceptance.  Please apply for visa at the nearest consulate and see COVID-19: Current Japanese Border Measures URL below.



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