Course Descriptions

Syllabus (AY 2024) 

    • General information such as Course Outline, Period & Date, Classroom etc., will all be released via Web-Syllabus. (Japanese & English for Language Preference)
    • [PDF] How to Find a Course I Want to Take?
    • Kindly note that the information may be subject to change due to internal adjustments.
      Please be advised that courses stated with notes of “Not Available for ESOP Students” are not allowed to enroll in. 


Time table (AY2024)

Course list (AY 2024)


In addition, if you are interested in GMBA (LINK), we ask for your understanding that there are specific requirements to take part in. You are recommended to go through them first.

          • Grade Evaluation

            • Grade
              – Pass (Credit Earned)
            •  S (100-90), A+ (89-87), A (86-83), A- (82-80), B+ (79-77),
               B (76-73), B- (72-70), C+ (69-67), C (66-63), C- (62-60)
              – Fail
               D (59-0/0), E (incomplete or withdrawn / 0)

            • Credits
               An ordinary one-year class of the regular course consists of 100 minutes x 28 weeks through two semesters and is worthy of 4 credits. The quantity of the credits is calculated in proportion to the total minutes at each faculty of Hosei University as follows:
               8 credits 5,600 minutes in a year (spring and fall semester)
               4 credits 2,800 minutes in a year (spring and fall semester)
               2 credits 1,400 minutes in a semester
               1 credit 1,400 minutes in a semester (generally for foreign language class credits)