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Courses taught in English for exchange students

ESOP Courses

Regular Courses:4 Undergraduate programs taught in English

GIS (Global Interdisciplinary studies) Courses

GBP (Global Business Program) Courses

SCOPE (Sustainability Co-Creation Programme) Courses

Master Program taught in English

Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Architecture

Course lists are subject to change each semester.

Syllabus (Academic Year 2020)


JLP (Japanese Language Program) Courses

Time table (Academic Year 2020)

ESOP Classes (Update: 2020/03/27)

Japanese Language Program (Update: 2020/04/08)

  • GIS Classes (Update:2020/04/16

    • GBP Classes (Update: 2020/04/08)

      • SCOPE Classes (Update: 2020/04/08)

        • An ordinary one-year class of the regular course consists of 100 minutes x 28 weeks through two
          semesters and is worthy of 4 credits. The quantity of the credits is calculated in proportion to the
          total minutes at each faculty of Hosei University as follows:
          8 credits 5,600 minutes in a year (spring and fall semester)
          4 credits 2,800 minutes in a year (spring and fall semester)
          2 credits 1,400 minutes in a semester
          1 credit 1,400 minutes in a semester (generally for foreign language class credits)

        • *For more information, please see the official transcript explanation.