Global Human Resource Development at HOSEI University

HOSEI University was selected by the Japanese government
to receive support under the 2014 Top Global University Project.
The following is an overview of our efforts to create a global university with the vision
to achieve a sustainable society, as a world-leading country in terms of problem-solving.

Global Planning and Operations Measures

HOSEI University’s vision is possible because we are a Japanese university
that has experienced many issues ahead of our time and engaged in earnest
research and education in the area of sustainable society.

The title of our vision is “Creating the Global University: Toward a sustainable society from pioneering Japan.” As a center of research on the history, environment, culture and other aspects of Japan, we bring together a wide range of research activities from around the world here at HOSEI University as we strive to serve as a leader of globalization in Japan through the establishment and conveyance of sustainable education with origins in our own country. This educational approach aims to achieve not only sustainability of natural environments, but also stable socioeconomic sustainability as well as cultural sustainability rooted in a rich array of developments and our country’s long history.

In order to facilitate the accomplishment of their goals by 2023, institutions selected for the Top Global University Project receive special subsidies and are taking various measures such as proactive efforts to increase numbers of international students at HOSEI University, numbers of Japanese students studying abroad, and numbers of inbound and outbound foreign exchange students. Project participants are asked to engage in cooperative efforts to enhance the global presence of Japanese universities.

In detail

Global Planning and Operations Measures

This program aims to provide an environment in which students can directly experience global society on a daily basis in order to cultivate human resources who can live strong and productive lives anywhere in the world. We also strive to bring in foreign exchange students in order to assemble human resources for a sustainable society and enhance our capabilities
for communicating information to the global society.

On-campus International Exchanges

In addition to study abroad programs, we offer many on-campus international exchange programs and language skill improvement programs. Students who actively make use of these programs will have opportunities to prepare and engage in exchanges before they go abroad to study.

  • Exchange Student from Overseas Program (ESOP)

    This program provides lecture courses and seminars on subjects such as Japanese literature, society, politics, economy and management for students enrolled at HOSEI University on exchange programs from overseas partner universities.

  • Discover Japan

    This program is conducted in cooperation with HOSEI University students to provide exchange students from overseas partner universities with opportunities to deepen their understanding of Japanese society and culture. It includes a wide variety of events such as viewing of baseball games between six universities in Tokyo (Tokyo Big Six Universities Baseball) and Japanese cultural experiences.

For Foreign Exchange Students

At the start of the 20th century, HOSEI University was one of the first among private universities in Japan to accept students from Qing-dynasty China. Over the hundred years since, we have expanded our foreign exchange efforts with countries around the world. In consideration of the continuing progress of globalization in the future, international exchanges involving top-level researchers and students will become extremely important for universities.



Progress in Steps

We have prepared a wide variety of programs-everything from English language skill
improvement programs to support for students studying
at overseas universities or seeking employment at global corporations and institutions,
with the aim of cultivating global leaders who can call on a wide range of personal strengths
to act independently on the global stage.

Improve English language skillsTake classes taught in EnglishDevelop skills for use on the global stageParticipate in a study abroad programPursue activities overseasIn detail

Voice of the Students

The following messages are from the students
who have participated in HOSEI International Programs.

Vision for Our Global Planning and Operations

In order to effectively serve as a leader of globalization in Japanese society,
we have established systems as well as various numerical targets
in pursuit of our vision. Global activities

  • *Global Planning and Operations Measures
  • *Global Human Resource Development Program
  • *Progress in Steps
  • *Voice of the Students
  • *Vision for Our Global Planning and Operations