Designated housings (Dormitory) 

  • We have not on-campus housings but could offer dormitory if you require.
  • The dormitory to stay cannot be chosen.
  • ■ Type of dormitory
  •  For each dormitory’s information, please click each dorm’s name.
  •  ・Male dormitory
  •   1) Minamikasai 
      2) Higashi Koganei 2   

  •  ・Female dormitory
      1) Nakakasai 
      2) Hirai 2 
      3) Koganei Net  


  • ■ Details on dormitory
  •  ・Location
  •    Edogawa-ku, Tokyo (Dormy Minamikasai, Nakakasai, Hirai)       
  •    Koganei-city, Tokyo (Dormy Higashi Koganei 2, Koganei Net)       
  •    Chiba-city, Chiba  (Dormy Barakinakayama)
  •  ・Room type 
  •    Single room
  •  ・Meal 
  •    Breakfast and evening meals are provided.  *Except on Sundays and national holidays
  •   ・Curfew [門限] 
  •    0:00 AM ~ 6:30 AM *Except Koganei Net and Barakinakayama
  •    You CANNOT enter the dorm after 0:00 AM
  •  ・Rent (includes “administration fees”)
  •   Administration fees refer to the use of shared facilities, general administrative and other miscellaneous costs.
  •    1) Rent for Exchange Student : 41,200 JPY per month
  •      We subsidizes the monthly rent (25,000 JPY) ONLY for exchange students.
         One semester : 4 ~ 5 months, Two semester : 9 ~ 12 months
       2) Rent for Visiting International students (Fee paying) : 66,200 JPY per month
         One semester : 4 ~ 5 months, Two semester : 9 ~ 12 months
       3) The rent should be paid before you arrive in Japan.
       4) Paying in a lump sum for every semester is the only option.


Notice on living in a dormitory

  •  1) Subsidies are available for the university designated accommodations; however, should students
       decide on other accommodation, s/he is responsible for all related expenses.
  •  2) Should students decide to move out of university designated accommodations, s/he is required to
       notify the university at least 1 month beforehand, as to intent.
  •  3) Charges for electricity and water are covered by Hosei University. However, should monthly
       fees become excessively high due to misuse, such as excessive usage of air conditioner etc., s/he
       will be held responsible for the surcharge(s).
  •  4) Costs may vary according to the yearly revised contract between Hosei University and the external
       private organization.
  •  5) In addition to the rent mentioned above, you will be assessed for the following:
  •    a. Bedding rental (e.g. 17,820yen for 6 months; 25,000yen for 12 months for Applicants only)
  •    b.Utilities, telephone and internet fees (where applicable)
  •   *Costs may vary according to the accommodation.


To live in an apartment other than a dormitory

  • The Ichigaya campus of Hosei is in central Tokyo.
  • Accommodation rent of central Tokyo is about 70,000 JPY to 100,000 JPY per month.
    Accommodation rent of suburbs is about 50,000 JPY to 60,000 JPY per month.
  • We strongly recommend you require us to arrange a dormitory for you.
  • Since in Japan, it is also necessary to pay additional (non-refundable) fees when signing a lease, so that the initial payment is likely to amount to two to five times the monthly rent.

※※The above information is correct as of January 2020 but may be subject to change.※※