• 10th January 2024 Updated

Application (24/25 Academic Year)

ESOP is a Non-Degree-Seeking program.


Application Requirements

  • a) Exchange Students [交換留学生]
  • Students nominated by partner universities which Hosei has a mutual exchange agreement with.
  • List of Partner University
  • b) Visiting International Students (Fee Paying) [私費留学生]
  • Students from universities which are out of the partner list or have no mutual exchange agreement with Hosei at this moment.


How to Apply for ESOP

  • STEP 1. Nominated by partner university by the nomination deadline. (Exchange Students)
  •       Visiting International students (Fee paying) start from STEP 2.
  • STEP 2. Prepare the application documents according to the Application Checklist before STEP 3. 
  • STEP 3. Fill out and attach the application documents to Application Form online by the application
  •               deadline.

Handling of Personal Information at Hosei University


Application Period

  • Spring 2024 semester: From Apr. 2024 To Aug. 2024
    – Nomination & Application Starting Date: 10 Aug. 2023
    – Nomination Deadline: 1 Nov. 2023 (For Partner Universities’ Outbound Coordinators)
    – Application Deadline: 15 Nov. 2023 (For Applicants)
    – Acceptance Notification: By early Feb. 2024

    Fall 2024 semester: From Sep. 2024 To Mar. 2025
    – Nomination & Application Starting Date:12 Jan. 2024
    – Nomination Deadline:15 Mar. 2024 (For Partner Universities’ Outbound Coordinators)
    – Application Deadline: 29 Mar. 2024 (For Applicants)
    – Acceptance Notification: By the end of May 2024

  •  ※Applicants are supposed to receive the Letter of Acceptance via email from Hosei by the date above.

Application Form

Application Documents

  • All application documents may be submitted to the Immigration Services Agency of Japan. 
  • Please confirm and check off the documents listed in the Application Checklist.pdf before preparing.
  • ■Application Documents (For All Applicants)
  •  1)  Certificate of Health (Hosei Original Form)                          Certificate of Health.pdf
     2)  Study Plan (Hosei Original Form)             Study Plan (Hosei Original Form).pdf
     3)  Identification Photograph                            Acceptable Photo Examples
     4)  Official Bank Statement(s) in English
     5)  Official transcripts in English from your home university
     6)  A Scanned Copy of a Valid Passport (photo page)
  • ■Additional Documents (Only if Applicable)
  •  1) Only for Scholarship Recipient :
       [Document] Relevant documents to prove you have been granted the scholarship
  •  2) Only for Visiting International Students (Fee-Paying) :
       [Email]Confirmation email from your home university (Please see the ‘Application check list’)
  •  3) Only for Non-native English Speaker :
       [Document] English Language Proficiency Test score (valid within 2 years)
  •   or [Document] English Proficiency Proof (Hosei Original Form
  •  4) Only for Applicants Who Wants to Take Classes Which Are Conducted in Japanese
           [Document] Japanese Language Proficiency Test Score (N2 or N1)
  •      or to be assessed as J6 level or above in the Japanese Placement Test (Hosei Original Test)


How to Apply for a Student Visa

ESOP students should obtain a student visa to study in Japan, unless you have another vilad residential status. Please check the Flowchart here to know detailed procedures required.
※Students who have Japanese Passport are excluded.

The Immigration Bureau doesn’t accept applications for changing from a temporary visitor visa
into a student visa. Therefore, please be sure to enter Japan with a vilad student visa.

Generally, the following documents are required:

  •  ・ CoE(Certificate of Eligibility): Electronic Date sent by email from Hosei (From Fall 2023)
  •  ・ Letter of Acceptance: Sent by email from Hosei
  •  ・ Visa application form:  Available from the Embassy or Consulate
  •  ・ Passport:  Preferably Valid until the End of the Proposed Stay in Japan
             ※If you have multiple nationalities including Japanese citizenship, please submit your Japanese passport.

▶What is CoE(Certificate of Eligibility)? 

   ESOP students should obtain the CoE before applying for a student visa in Japan. Hosei University will apply the CoE for you as a proxy on your behalf, after you submit all necessary documents to us.

★Please understand that any lack/overdue of document submission may lead to the delay of issuance on your own responsibility.

   CoE(by electronic data) would be sent to you once it has been issued. Please use it to apply for the student visa at the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your home country. (Requirements such as reservation in advance may vary by region. Students should contact the appropriate Japanese Embassy or Consulate for detailed information.)

★Please note that CoE is only valid for 3 months from the issuance date.
   You should move on to visa application in your home country ASAP once you receive the CoE.


Contact Information

  • Mailing Address: Exchange Students from Overseas Program,
    International Office, Global Education Center, Hosei University
    2-17-1 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8160 JAPAN