• 30th November 2020 Updated

Application (2021-2022 Academic Year)

ESOP is a Non-Degree-Seeking program.


Application Requirements

  • a) Exchange Students [交換留学生]
  • Students nominated by universities with which Hosei University has a mutual exchange agreement.
  • List of Partner University
  • b) Visiting International students (Fee paying) [私費留学生]
  • Students at universities with which Hosei University has an association agreement.


How to Apply

  • STEP 1. Nominated by partner university by the nomination deadline.(Only for Exchange Students)
  •       Visiting International students (Fee paying) start from STEP 2.
  • STEP 2. Prepare the application documents according to the CHECKLIST before STEP 3. 
  • STEP 3. Fill out and attach the application documents to ESOP Application Form 1 and 2 online
  •               by the application deadline.


Application Period

The application documents should be submitted to Hosei University by November 30, 2020 (for the spring semester), or February 28, 2021 (for the fall semester)

  • Semester

    Starting Date

    • (Both Nomination and Application)






    of result

    • Spring Semester
    • Apr. 2021~
    • Aug. 2021



    16 Nov.



    30 Nov.


    • Feb. 2021
    • The result will be announced to the applicant directly
    • by email.
    • Fall Semester
    • Sep. 2021~
    • Mar. 2022
    • 7 Jan.
    • 2021
    • 15 Feb. 
    • 2021
    • 28 Feb.
    • 2021
    • May 2021
    • The result will be announced to the applicant directly
    • by email.

ESOP Application Form 1 and 2 (for 2021 spring)

Application Documents (for 2021 spring)

  • [IMPORTANT] The Application Documents might be changed every semester.
  • Please confirm and check off the documents listed in the CHECKLIST(for 2021 spring).pdf
  • ■Necessary Application Documents
  •  1)  Certificate of Health (Hosei Original Form)               Certificate of Health.pdf
     2)  Study Plan (Hosei Original Form)             STUDY PLAN.pdf or  STUDY PLAN.xlsx 
     3)  An Identity Photograph                                   Requirements
     4)  Official Bank Statement
     5)  Official transcripts from your home university
     6)  A Scanned Copy of a Valid Passport (photo page)
  • ■Additional Documents
     > Only for non-native English speaker
       English Language Proficiency Test score
     > Only for Visiting International students (Fee paying)
       2 Recommendation Letters
  •  > Only for graduate students who want to take the graduate class,
  •    except Graduate School of Engineering students
       Japanese Language Proficiency Test Score


Others – Student visa

  • For non-Japanese nationals to stay in Japan, it is necessary to comply with procedures which govern their eligibility to do so, in relation to the nature of their activity in Japan and the length of their stay. Students of non-Japanese nationality wishing to study at a Japanese university must qualify as “college students” in compliance with the “Law concerning immigration control and recognition of refugee status.” Persons who so qualify may not take up employment while in Japan unless that falls within the terms of the specific activity for which they are permitted to stay in Japan. The local office of the Ministry of Justice is responsible for determining such matters.The Hosei University Global Education Center will make the necessary applications on students’ behalf.


Others – After you received “Certificate of Eligibility” from HOSEI 

  • We will send “Certificate of Eligibility” after Japanese Immigration approved your application.Students must apply for a student visa to enter Japan after they receive “Certificate of Eligibility” from Hosei. The nearest convenient Japanese Embassy or Consulate should be consulted regarding necessary procedures. Generally speaking, the following documents are required:
  •  ・ Visa application form: available from the Embassy or Consulate
  •  ・ Passport: preferably valid until the end of the proposed stay in Japan
  •  ・ Certificate of Eligibility: Hosei University will apply for a Certificate of Eligibility on each student’s
  •    behalf, and will send it when it is obtained; this will take about one month.
  • Note that requirements may vary according to the country concerned and students should contact the appropriate Japanese Embassy or Consulate for detailed information.


Contact Information

  • Mailing Address: Exchange Students from Overseas Program,
    International Office, Global Education Center, Hosei University
    2-17-1 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8160 JAPAN