【For international students】Procedures for application for extension of period of stay/在留資格の更新について

This is an important announcement regarding procedures for application for extension of period of stay. *You cannot apply for extension of your period of stay if you are currently staying abroad.

【How to Apply】
You can apply for extension of your period of stay from 3 months before your current expiration date.

① At Hosei University
Please take the following 2 steps.
■1st step
Fill out the form and submit to the Global Education Center online:

■2nd step
Apply for Certificate of student status/Academic achievement document.

Please apply them online (the system is for alumni, but you can use this system) with points of attention as follows:

•A service fee will be charged to current students as well.
•There is no choice for certificates of current students.
So please request 2 copies of “Certificate of Graduation”, and write in comments as follows:
“Certificate of students status (in Japanese), and Academic achievement documents (in Japanese), 1 copy of each”

② At the Immigration Bureau
After you finish the above ① procedures, Hosei University will send necessary documents to you.
Please bring the following documents and apply for extension of your period of stay at the Immigration Bureau.

• Application for Extension of Period of Stay (mailed from Hosei)
• Certificate of student status (mailed from Hosei)
• Academic achievement document (mailed from Hosei)
• Application for permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted (mailed from Hosei)
• Certificate of course registration
• Residence card
• Passport
• National Health Insurance Certificate
• Document stating balance of your bank account (e.g. a copy of your bankbook)
• [In case that you apply for extension of period of stay for the first time at Hosei]
Certificate of enrollment and Certificate of Graduation at Japanese language school
• [In case that you have repeated a school year or have taken a leave of absence]
Statement of Reasons*
*Please prepare Statement of Reasons and submit to both the Immigration Bureau and the Global Education Center

“Application for extension of period of stay” and “Certificate of students status/Academic achievement document” will be mailed to you separately.

Finally please note that it may take a while before issuance of certificates/documents by Hosei University.