School Fee
  • School Fee

 a) Exchange Students

Students nominated by universities with which Hosei has a mutual exchange agreement are, by the terms of such agreements, exempted from the requirement to pay school fee.

b) Visiting international students (Fee paying) *Undergraduate 

Visiting international students are required to pay school fee.
The amount of payment depends on the faculty to which visiting international student belongs.

  • The main faculties to which visiting international students belong are as follows: 
  • ・Faculties of Law
  •  One semester: 538,500-539,100 JPY
  •  One Year: 1,068,000-1,068,600 JPY
  • ・Faculties of Letters
  •  One semester: 536,500-559,500 JPY
  •  One Year: 1,066,000-1,110,000 JPY
  • ・Faculties of Business Administration
  •  One semester: 540,100 JPY
  •  One Year: 1,069,600 JPY
  • ・Faculties of Sustainability Studies
  •  One semester: 539,500 JPY
  •  One Year: 1,069,000 JPY
  • ・Faculties of Lifelong Learning and Career Studies
  •  One semester: 550,000 JPY
  •  One Year: 1,090,000 JPY

More details about the School Fee (Japanese Only) :