School Fee
  • School Fee

 a) Exchange Students

Students nominated by universities with which Hosei has a mutual exchange agreement are, by the terms of such agreements, exempted from the requirement to pay school fee.


b) Visiting international students (Fee paying) *Undergraduate 

Visiting international students are required to pay school fee. The amount of payment depends on the faculty to which visiting international student belongs.

The main faculties to which visiting international students belong are as follows: 

・Faculties of Law

・Faculties of Letters

・Faculties of Business Administration,

・Faculties of Sustainability Studies

・Faculties of Lifelong Learning and Career Studies

2020 Undergraduate School Fee
Item One semester One Year
Tuition Fee \415,500 – \531,500 \831,000 – \1,063,000
Facilities Fee \114,000 – \132,000 \228,000 – \264,000
Laboratory Fee \11,000 – \19,000 \21,000 – \38,000
Other Fees \7,000 – \11,000
Total \547,500- \693,500

\1,080,000- \1,365,000

More details about the School Fee (Japanese) :