GIS Talks lecture series (Roberto Benes, Director of UNICEF Tokyo Office)

Please join us Wednesday, October 12 at 17:00 for the second installment of our new GIS Talks lecture series. For this session, we will be joined by Roberto Benes, Director of UNICEF Tokyo Office.

As one of the world’s most prominent humanitarian organizations, UNICEF (The United Nations Children’s Fund) provides critical social welfare assistance, education, and services in regions around the world. What are the major humanitarian issues that UNICEF and similar organizations will face in the coming decade? How can graduates prepare themselves for careers that will allow them to make meaningful contributions to solving these problems? Mr. Benes will address these questions and others as he discusses the transforming role of UNICEF in a rapidly changing world.

Students are welcome to attend this event either in-person or online. For more details, please see the attached flyer(here). Be sure to register in advance via the Google Form link. (https://forms.gle/fzzCP2GEH8Nseykh8)

Questions may be addressed to the GIS office (gis@hosei.ac.jp).