HOSEI Project Initiatives

Existing university programs for the development of global human resources are at the foundation of our new initiatives. The curricula of the Faculty of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS), English immersion program, and the Exchange Students from Overseas Program (ESOP) are being expanded to accept increasing numbers of HOSEI University students who acquire advanced English language skills through our university-wide English Reinforcement Program (ERP). New classes for German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Korean programs in the Department of Intercultural Communication are being added to support the cultivation of students who can work in a variety of multilingual environments. In addition, new international volunteer and internship programs are being established to provide students with the wealth of experience they need to work globally in the future. The newly established Global Education Center will integrate and support these programs.

Our Vision for Global Human Resources

Our current educational goal is to develop internationally competent students who can contribute to a sustainable global society. The multiple qualities we aim to nurture includes:  Strong academic specialization  Initiative  A global perspective  The ability to understand other cultures  Awareness of Japanese identity  Communication abilities

Outgoing Student Exchange Program

All students who are enrolled as a second year or third year can apply for the Outgoing Student Exchange Program. Exchange students study at partner institutions for one or two semester(s). HOSEI UNIVERSITY send a lot of students to universities in various countries and regions around the world under the exchange agreement every year. The scholarship of 1,000,000 yen or 700,000 yen will be paid for all exchange students (The scholarship shall be the half amount if the student’s study period is one semester.). The tuition fee of the partner institution will be exempted based on the student exchange agreement. The credits acquired at the partner institutions are recognized as credits required for graduation at HOSEI University.

Fee-paying Study Abroad Program

The Fee-paying Study Abroad Program enables undergraduate students of HOSEI University, who obtained a letter of acceptance from an overseas institution of their choice, to study abroad at such institution. The period of such program (1 year or 1 semester) will be included in the number of years required for graduation. Further, after returning to Japan, the credits acquired at such institution will be recognized as credits of HOSEI University. The scholarship of up to 900,000 yen will be granted for outgoing students.

English Reinforcement Program (ERP)

HOSEI University’s English Reinforcement Program (ERP) is open to all students who meet the English language skills prerequisite. The program provides intensive English language training outside of the regular curriculum for students who want to acquire advanced English language skills. Through the ERP, HOSEI University aims to nurture students who can work in their fields of specialization using English.

Global Education Center

To carry out this project, HOSEI University has set up a new Global Education Center whose role is overseeing the general implementation of the project as well as managing ERP, international volunteer and internship programs, and Global Lounges (G-Lounges), which are spaces for foreign language communication.

Overall Program Design

The range of classes within the GIS and ESOP open to all qualified students has been expanded as of the 2013 academic year. Greater numbers of students outside the GIS can now enroll in GIS and ESOP classes after acquiring English language skills through the university-wide ERP. Also, a series of new language classes in the Faculty of Intercultural Communication will be open to students with advanced skills in languages other than English. In addition, new programs are being added, including international volunteer programs for participants with varying language skill levels and study abroad programs and international internship programs requiring advanced language skills. These HOSEI University programs provide an educational environment that can motivate students to realize their potential to work globally, thus contributing to global human resource development.


Notes ERP: English Reinforcement Program ESOP: Exchange Students from Overseas Program GIS: Faculty of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies