Intensive Japanese Language & Culture Program(Summer)



June 19th(Monday) to 30th(Saturday), 2023

Number of Participants 

40 students
We will accept participants on a first come, first served basis.
But if there are too many applications, a lottery may be held.

Eligible Participants

Undergraduate or Graduate students who attend Hosei’s partner universities

Program Contents

  • Japanese language course(Mon. to Fri.) 90 min × 18 classes
  • Japanese cultural experience, Field Study 90 min × 12 classes
  • Interaction with regular students at Hosei University

Japanese classes and afternoon cultural activities are closely related.

Four cultural activity are held in the afternoon during this program.

Participants study the following in morning classes before cultural activities.
・Japanese language expression and grammar related cultural activity
・Background and history of Japanese culture experienced cultural activity, other relevant culture(compare between your country and Japan) 

Participants study the following in morning classes after cultural activities.
・Presentation your experience of cultural activity(compare between your country and Japan) 

Hosei University Global Education Center will issues the certificate of completion to students who successfully complete the course. 

Class Levels

  • Basic Communication (Introductory)
  • Beginning  level ( JLPT N5 Level)
  • Lower-intermediate level ( JLPT N4 Level)
  • Intermediate Lvel ( JLPT N3 Level) 

JLPT: Japanese Language Proficiency Test 
Students who have never studied Japanese before can join in this program.


Program fees: JPY 140,000
Accommodation and filed trip fees are included. 
Airfare, meals, transportation fees, daily expenses and overseas health insurance are NOT included.


This program was adopted as a scholarship sponsored by JASSO(Japan Student Services Organization).
We will offer a financial support of JPY 80,000 to the participants meet JASSO’s conditions and requirements. An applicant must have a Grade Point Average of 2.30 (on a 3.0 scale) or higher in the academic year preceding the scholarship application based on the GPA calculation set by JASSO.
The maximum number of recipients is 30. If there are too many applicants, selection will be based on GPA. Selection results will be announced in May.
For calculating your GPA, please see the following.

Examples of grading scales
used by universities

Example 1: 4-point scale

Excellent Good Fair Poor
Example 1: 4-point scale A B C F
Example 1: 4-point scale 100-80 79-70 69-60 59-
Example 1: 5-point scale 100-90 89-80 79-70 69-60 59-
Example 1: 5-point scale S A B C F
Example 1: 5-point scale A B C D F
JASSO Grade Points Awarded 3 3 2 1 0

Formula No.=Number GP=Grade Point

([No. of GP3 Credits] x 3) + ([No. of GP2 Credits] x 2) + ([No. of GP1 Credits] x 1) ÷Total Number of Registered Credits 


Schedule for Japanese Language  & Culture Program Summer 2023

  • Schedule may change. 
  • Japanese classes and afternoon cultural activities are closely related.
    We provide the opportunities to study of Japanese language, society and culture and the wonderful experience with Hosei regular students in central Japan.


  • Located in central Tokyo
  • It takes 30 minutes form accommodation to HOSEI by train and on foot
  • Single room 
  • Meal are NOT included.


Online application

Please apply online from the link below.
Application form for HOSEI Summer Program

Sending the documents by e-mail

After applying, please submit the following documents by email.

  • Copy of your passport
  • Transcript in English

Application deadline

April 10th (Monday), 2023

Pay the program fees

Applicants will be informed the procedure of payment by e-mail. Please send the program fees to Hosei university’s account with the procedure of payment.
Deadline of payment will be within 2 weeks after receiving the e-mail. 

HOSEI Summer Program flyer