Extracurricular Learning Opportunities

Extracurricular Learning Opportunities

ESOP provides a lot of opportunities to experience “real” Japanese culture. Furthermore, you can make precious friends from all over the world through following events!

Hosei University Buddy system (HUBs)

Hosei University Buddy system (HUBs) is the volunteer group of Hosei students. They form a buddy membership with exchange students to provide various support.

< Example of the HUB’s support >

・Airport pick-up service
・Guide from the dormitory to campus
・Campus tour
・Opening of bank account
・Procedures at the city office
・Enroll National Health Insurance
・Introduce student’s club activity   …and more!

If you need a help during the study abroad period, HUBs will be happy to help you.
HUBs will be your precious friend after the study abroad 🙂

Language Exchange

  If the exchange student wants more opportunities for language exchange to improve their Japanese language skill, they can be introduced to more practice partners by requesting the Global Education Center.  Let’s have fun while learning Japanese and teaching your native language!

There are more and more opportunities!