Message from the Director

HOSEI University: Taking a New Step Forward in an Effort to Cultivate Human Resources Who Can Play an Active Role in the Global Society

HOSEI University has been selected by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to receive support under the FY 2014 Top Global University Project (Type B: Global Traction Type). This project promotes firm university reform and internationalization, and under it the national government provides prioritized financial support in order to achieve the objectives of enhancing the international compatibility and competitiveness of university education environments in Japan. HOSEI University was previously selected for “Project for Promotion of Global Human Resources Development” *(Type B: Faculty/ school-specific) and has fostered global leaders who call on a wide range of personal strengths to act independently on the global stage. Under the leadership of the president of HOSEI University, we will further develop existing measures while bringing the university together as a unified team to advance globalization efforts, in pursuit of achieving the motive of the Top Global University Project.

Yoshinori Kumata Vice President (International Affairs) Director, Global Education Center At HOSEI University, we look beyond traditional means of international exchange and seek a more progressive approach to globalization. Toward this end, we merged our International Center and Center for Global Human Resource Development to establish the Global Education Center. The main roles of the center are to assist in sharing the research and education of HOSEI University with the world, and to provide and support an environment for producing talented graduates with the ability to pursue successful careers across the globe.

The Global Education Center will inherit and further expand upon the assets developed by the International Center, which served as the liaison for developing the university’s overseas exchange activities from the early 1970s onwards, to form general academic agreements and students exchange agreements with 130 universities and institutions in 26 countries and regions (as of April 2014) including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, China, and South Korea. The center will also actively support and enhance both the academic and non-academic aspects of international activities traditionally pursued by the university, which include acceptance of international students, support for students who are pursuing study abroad, the HOSEI International Fund (HIF), and hosting exchange students and international researchers from our partner institutions.

Selected by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) for the Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development in 2012, HOSEI University has striven to foster talented graduates who are equipped to actively seek challenges and make their mark on the global stage. In doing so, we aim to overcome the tendency among Japan’s younger generation to be content with remaining in Japan, and we seek to educate future graduates who will become a foundation for improving Japan’s competitive strength in global industry and for enhancing ties between nations. The Center for Global Human Resource Development has played a central role in these initiatives, offering educational programs to train diverse and talented students with global outlooks such as the English Reinforcement Program (ERP) and the International Volunteer and Internship Program. The Global Education Center will carry on these initiatives and work to develop and improve such programs.

HOSEI University is also committed to redoubling its efforts to pursue globalization in fulfilling its role as one of the universities selected by MEXT for the Top Global University Project (Type B: Global Traction Type). Under this project, HOSEI University aims to become a driving force in the globalization of Japanese society by achieving a wide range of world-class research as a center for the research of the history, environment and culture of our nation, and by establishing and promoting Japan-based sustainable education incorporating the sustainability of a stable economy and society not only through the natural environment but also advanced education, as well as the sustainability of our long history and culture which has seen a number of developments over the years. We are also aware of the necessity of cooperating with the other universities participating in the project to raise the international presence of Japanese universities through such means as actively welcoming more international students and increasing the number of students who study abroad.

Founded at a time when globalization is of such key importance, the Global Education Center will take an active role in developing and supporting the international initiatives of HOSEI University.