Overview and Curriculum


Exchange Students from Overseas Program(ESOP) was established in 1997 to provide academic opportunities to exchange students who wish to experience Japan first-hand. The exchange students are from our overseas partner institutions, as well as individual applicants. We already have student exchanges with over two hundred universities internationally, from America, Europe and Asia.

ESOP offers courses which are conducted in English. The course topics are related to Japan. As well as these courses, ESOP students can also maximize their learning of Japan by enrolling in Japanese language classes for no additional fee.

We believe ESOP students can both explore Japan and build connections with young people worldwide through ESOP.


In addition to ESOP courses, students can enroll in regular courses offered by any faculty at Hosei University (conditional upon the course instructor’s permission

Main courses (Language: English)

  • Exchange Students from Overseas Program (ESOP)
  • ESOP offers a variety of courses exploring all aspects of life in Japan; these include areas such as the economy, society, culture, media, and social issues. Many of these classes are small, with instructors teaching in an interactive style.
GIS Faculty of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS)
GIS offers a solid liberal arts curriculum, in which a variety of courses are organized into five concentrations: “Arts and Literature”, “Linguistics and Language Acquisition”, “Culture and Society”, “International Relations and Governance”, and “Business and Economy”.
GBP Global Business Program, in the Faculty of Business Administration (GBP)
GBP offers the unique opportunity to obtain in-depth knowledge of the Japanese style of business management. In addition to theoretical lectures, students can learn Japanese professional management in English through company visits, internships, and lectures provided by business instructors.
SCOPE Sustainability Co-creation Programme, in the Faculty of Sustainability Studies (SCOPE)
SCOPE offers a curriculum integrating knowledge and methodologies from the humanities, social sciences, economics, natural sciences, and arts. This program provides a roadmap for students that can be applied to sustainable policies, practices, and strategies from the design and selection stage through to final implementation.
IGESS Institute for Global Economics and Social Sciences (IGESS)
IGESS provides students with opportunities to learn from all facets of social science and develop broad areas of expertise necessary for global economic analysis.

Optional courses (Language: Japanese)

Students with high proficiency of the Japanese language are eligible to take any of the regular courses taught in Japanese offered by the 14 faculties in Hosei University, in addition to GIS. Students can take these courses to expand their knowledge in their current fields of study, while improving their command of the Japanese language at the same time.
JLE Japanese Language Education (JLE)
Exchange students are allowed to take Japanese courses without paying an additional fee. JLE offers many courses for learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced.

For more information, please refer “Course Descriptions”.