A Road Map

Form Your Future Self
~Our vision for Global Human Resources Development~

HOSEI University offers various programs to nurture thoughtful, independent global leaders who can succeed at an international level. Programs such as the English Reinforcement Program (ERP) and study abroad, international volunteer and internship programs cultivate the high-level skills necessary for international communication and are beneficial in terms of personal growth.

Improving English Language Skills

English Reinforcement Program (ERP)

The English Reinforcement Program (ERP) is available on each campus: Ichigaya, Tama and Koganei. Eligible students can participate in these programs during free time between classes at no additional cost. They are, however, required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL®) to measure the effectiveness of the program.

Attending Classes Held in English

If their TOEFL® score is sufficiently high, students can attend classes held in English.

A growing number of non-GIS students are accepted for all-English classes in the Faculty of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS) and Exchange Students from Overseas Program (ESOP). This trend will enable more students to learn in an English-immersion environment within the university.

Acquiring Global Skills

A full lineup of on-campus and off-campus international programs

In addition to a variety of study abroad programs, HOSEI University offers international volunteer and internship programs as part of the Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development. These enable students to work in businesses or other organizations while using their English skills. Meeting other people from the same generation all over the world is one of this program’s greatest appeals. On campus, HOSEI University operates Global Lounges (G-Lounges), which provide venues for foreign-language communication.

Making Use of Study Abroad Programs

HOSEI University study abroad program

The HOSEI Year Abroad Scholarship Program pays for tuition and also provides a stipend for living expenses at overseas partner universities. Every year, approximately 60 students study abroad through this program. Students with high TOEFL® scores have a better chance of being accepted for this competitive, university-wide study abroad program.

Working Overseas

Support for starting an international career support program

HOSEI University’s international career support program offers support for students applying to study at graduate schools overseas or searching for jobs at international corporations and institutions.