Global Open Courses

Global Open Courses

Global Open Courses are a group of cross-departmental open courses that Hosei University has been offering throughout the university since 2016 to nurture global leaders who are capable to thrive anywhere in the world.

  1. Program Features
    (1) All classes are conducted in English.
     (2) Classes are held in small groups.
     (3) All faculties offer the program.
     (4) A “Certificate of Completion” will be issued upon completion of a certain number of credits.
     (5) Courses are categorized into six areas in total.

  2. Course Registration, Credit Approval, and Course Offerings 
    (1) Global Open Courses 2023_List 9/15 Updated
    (2) Application Guide of Global Open Courses 2023 (English Ver.)
    *For more details, please visit Hosei University’s WEBシラバスホーム (Web Syllabus Home)

  3. Course Flow
    After selecting the course you wish to take from the list of Global Open Courses, be sure to attend the first class and receive permission to take the course from the instructor*.
    *For Liberal Arts Courses, do temporary class registration on the Learning Management System before class begins.
    When you register for a course, please confirm the details at each department’s Course Guide (Course Outline) and register within the designated period, just as you would for any other course.

  4. Certificate of Completion
    A certificate of completion will be issued to those who have earned 12 or more credits in each area upon application. The application process will be announced on the bulletin board of each faculty around May and December.


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