GIS Talks lecture series (Dr. Abbylin H. Sellers)

Please join us on Wednesday, October 26 at 17:00 for the third installment of our new GIS Talks lecture series. For this session, we will be joined by Dr. Abbylin H. Sellers from the Department of History and Political Science of Azusa Pacific University.

The United States of America is a country of immigrants. Migrants leave their home countries for a number of reasons, including reconnecting with family, fleeing oppressive governments, securing religious freedom, or seeking opportunities to better their economic conditions.

Fewer studies examine service-industry related business owned fields, specifically restaurant business owners. To address these limitations, Dr. Sellers is aiming to examine immigrant entrepreneurs who have left their home country to come to the United States to start a business and open an ethnic restaurant.

To participate, please register here using the following Google link:


This talk will take place in room Y502 in the Ouchiyama Building, and it is also open to non-GIS students. Questions may be addressed to the GIS office.

Questions may be addressed to the GIS office (gis@hosei.ac.jp).