Tokyo Big 6 University Baseball Tour: A Cultural Experience for an Exchange Student

  On a sunny October day in 2023, I joined Hosei students at Meiji Jingu Stadium to watch a Tokyo Big 6 University Baseball Tour match between Tokyo University and Hosei University. The Tokyo Big 6 is a prestigious university baseball league in Japan, and the atmosphere at the stadium was electric. I was excited to experience this cultural event firsthand and learn about Japanese baseball and cheerleading culture.

  Before the game started, I took some time to explore the stadium and its surroundings. I was impressed by the cleanliness and organization of the stadium. I also noticed that there were many snack bars selling udon, takoyaki, and other Japanese delicacies. When the game started, I was immediately struck by the passion and energy of the fans. The Hosei students were especially enthusiastic, chanting players’ names and waving banners. I quickly joined in, and soon I was cheering as loudly as anyone else. The game was close and exciting, with both teams playing well. In the end, Hosei University won 6-1. I loved the atmosphere at the stadium and the feeling of community among the fans. After the game ended, the Hosei and Tokyo University players bowed to each other. This gesture of respect was very moving to me. It showed me that Japanese sports are not just about winning and losing, but also about sportsmanship and respect for the opponent.

  As an exchange student, I was grateful for the opportunity to experience the Tokyo Big 6 University Baseball Tour. It was a great way to learn about Japanese culture and make new friends. I will never forget the feeling of cheering with the Hosei students at Meiji Jingu Stadium on that sunny October day.