Cross-Cultural Friendship Blooms: Hosei University Exchange Students Share Cultures with Miwada Girl’s High School

November 13, 2023

An international friendship blossomed on November 13th when Hosei University’s exchange students hosted a cross-cultural event with Miwada Girl’s High School. The event provided an exciting opportunity for the exchange students from the United States, Mexico, Czech, Russia, and South Korea to share their cultures with Miwada students.

The event commenced with an opening session where each Hosei exchange student joined a group of Miwada students for a brief self-introduction. Following the introductions, Miwada students engaged in warm and welcoming conversations with their new friends, asking questions about their home countries and recommending must-see attractions in Japan. These discussions fostered a deeper understanding of the cultural similarities and differences between Japan and the exchange students’ countries.

The event culminated in presentations from each group, showcasing their newfound knowledge of each other’s cultures. The presentations were met with great enthusiasm, and the exchange students were touched by the heartfelt introductions they received from their Miwada counterparts.

Despite the brief encounter, Hosei exchange students and Miwada students forged a strong connection, thanks to the generous hospitality of Miwada’s teachers and students. For the exchange students, this event marked an unforgettable moment in their lives, a chance to connect with Japanese high school students and create lasting memories. Long after their exchange journey ends, they will cherish the joy of this cultural exchange.