Tokyo Big 6 University Baseball Tour with exchange students

On the 28th of April, Exchange Students from Overseas Program (ESOP) had the opportunity to learn a sportsmanship for a Tokyo Big 6 University Baseball Tour in Meiji Jingu baseball park that organized by Hosei university.

It is a baseball game league consisted of baseball teams from 6 universities in Tokyo. There are Tokyo, Keio, Waseda, Rikkyo, Meiji and Hosei universities, and we have the highest number of wins, 46 times. Also, this game is played only at Meiji Jingu baseball park and has the longest history among college baseballs. On that day, the weather was very nice and many students shouted Hosei university’s cheering songs with the guidance of the cheering squad. In addition, the participation rate was so high that not only students but also graduates and their families attended it. The students continued to cheer with bright faces and the players also showed great play. Rather than feeling left out as an exchange student, we was able to feeel that a baseball is a team event, not an individual event, by participating in a support actively. We were able to learn how to cheer sports soundly such as waving towels with Hosei symbol, shouting the name of the players, or putting arms around each other’s shoulders, which can be seen from the attitude toward the opposite team.

Regardless of whether the game was won or lost, everyone in the park were courteous to each other, and showed a great sportsmanship by watching the winner’s performance to the end. We could get a sense of Youth, not just sports.

Geum Seoyu(Exchange student)