International students participated in the “Cross-cultural project” held in Miwada Gakuen

May 26, 2023

The “Cross-Cultural Project” was held at Hosei University.

On the day, exchange students introduced themselves, where they are from, their hobbies, and what they like.  After the introduction, they had a Q&A Session with students from Miwada Gakuen. In the end, Miwada Gakuen students made group presentations about what they learned by interviewing Hosei exchange students. Our students were divided into groups and supported them by communicating in English.

At this event, exchange students from nine-different countries, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, U.S.A, and U.K., participated, and they enjoyed communicating with Japanese junior high school students. This experience was something that  they can never experience in everyday life getting countless stimulations. We are thankful for this great opportunity.