Let’s get to know about Ukraine @Ichigaya campus

Hosei University accepted four students from Ukraine this fall semester.

On November 16th, they had an event where they introduced about culture and history of Ukraine to let other Hosei students get to know and think about it at the Ichigaya campus.
In their presentation, the main cities, and the climate depends on each season, and unique animals and plants were shown in the geography part, the founding of Ukraine and famous people were shown in the history part and Ivana Kupala and other festivals and traditional clothes were shown in culture part. Participants asked some questions related to traditional clothes, the best season in Ukraine, and so on during Q&A time.
We also had a poster session by the students after the presentation. They explained about Ukraine to visitors using posters made by their own self, and visitors asked a lot of questions to them. Many visitors have an interest in especially dishes in Ukraine, and they also enjoyed conversations about different ways of making borscht by different families.

Hosei University will continue to have some events related to Ukraine with them together.