Kyoto Municipal Saikyo Junior High School students visited Hosei University

On Thursday, January 30th, 2020, eighteen junior high school students from Kyoto Municipal Saikyo Junior High School visited Hosei University and enjoyed cross-cultural communication with our twelve exchange students.

The Saikyo students introduced the culture and customs of Kyoto to the exchange students, and they had a question-and-answer session following that.

Also, they discussed a variety of subjects; poverty, renewable energy, racism, and famine. Through these discussions, they deepened their mutual understanding.

This event was conducted in English, and the exchange students were impressed by the Saikyo students’ high English ability.

At the end of the event, the Saikyo students presented KUMIHIMO (Braided cord: the traditional Japanese craft, a cord made by interlacing fine silk threads and cotton yarns) which they had made for the exchange students. Thank you so much!

The exchange students were quite stimulated by this valuable opportunity in which they interacted with the junior high school students from a remote area.


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