【For international students staying abroad】Application for Certificate of Eligibility/在留資格認定申請について

The government of Japan has not yet lifted the immigration restriction from foreign countries.
However, in anticipation of the lifting of immigration restriction in the future, we would like to inform you about the application procedure for a certificate of eligibility (CoE).
If the period of stay expires while you are abroad, you will need to apply for CoE and obtain a status of residence again.

<If the expiration date of your residence card is:>
①On or after October 1st, 2020
You don’t need to apply for a CoE.
Please enter Japan using your current residence card.

②On or before September 30th, 2020
You need to obtain a status of residence again.
Please apply for it in accordance with the instruction “How to Apply” below.

<How to Apply>
①You apply online to Hosei University.

②Hosei University will apply for your CoE to immigration bureau on behalf of you after your online application.

③As soon as your CoE is issued by the Immigration Bureau, Hosei University will mail it to you.
You obtain a visa at Japanese Embassy in your home country.

④After obtaining your visa, you enter Japan.
Your current residence card should be returned at the airport when you enter Japan, and a new residence card will be issued there.