Farewell party for the 2019 Fall exchange students

Hosei University Global education center threw a farewell party for the 2019 Fall exchange students on the 26th floor (Sky Hall) of Boissonade Tower on Ichigaya campus on Monday, January 20th, 2020.

This party is held at the end of every semester to bid farewell to the exchange students who have studied at Hosei University for 6 months to 1 year. The exchange students from partnership universities, Hosei students who have studied abroad, and other Hosei students and faculty and staff who have been involved in international exchange activities also attended the party.

Even though it was the exam period, many Hosei students and faculty and staff participated in the party. They really enjoyed their time together and promised to meet again!

The exchange students gave us a fantastic guitar and singing performance and some great speeches, and we presented stuffed Ecooopyon (the mascot for Hosei University) to them as well.

Global education center always seeks to offer the best opportunities to their exchange students!

Speech by the director of Global Education Center We had a wonderful time
Speech by an exchange student Guitar and singing performance
Presentation of souvenirs

Group photo

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