Exchange students visited Miwada Gakuen Junior & Senior High School

On Saturday November 16th, 2019, five Hosei exchange students, who are from German, USA, South Korea, France and Russia, participated in the exchange meeting,“Cross-Cultural Project”, hosted by Miwada Gakuen Junior & Senior High School.

The exchange students introduced the culture and customs of their home countries to the Miwada students, and they had a question-and-answer session following that.Also, they discussed the differences and what they want to learn about from each other’s countries. During the discussion, exchange students took charge of small groups and supported the Miwada students in a lively exchange of opinions in English. This experience seemed to enhance their motivation to learn English. 

The exchange students were quite stimulated by this valuable opportunity in which they interacted with the junior high school students.

Self-introduction by an exchange student

Twenty-nine Miwada students participated in this meeting

Activities in a small group

One of the group photos