Hugo Dobson さん

Hugo Dobson さん

Professor at the University of Sheffield

 I applied for the Hosei International Fund as I was looking for an opportunity to pursue my first post-PhD project on the history of Japan’s role in the Group of 7 (G7) summit. This was a subject that had not been researched and represented a considerable gap in our understanding of Japan’s role in multilateral bodies. The HIF provided me with the time, space and resources to research and write a book that was published in 2004 entitled Japan and the G7/8: 1975-2002

While based at Hosei University, I was able to access English and Japanese-language archives held in several libraries across Tokyo. I was also able to interview some key Japanese participants in the G7 including former prime ministers, ministers, civil society representatives and members of the public. I also visited the sights of previous G7 summits in Tokyo and Okinawa.

I still write about Japan’s role in the G7 but have expanded my research to focus on the Group of 20 (G20) summits and Japan’s role. I am currently completing a book on the history and development of the G20.

Since 2008 I have attended a number of G7 and G20 summits as an accredited journalist writing for Global Policy Journal. This has allowed me to continue my research while at the same time engage with the world’s media to try and provide informed analysis of events.

I have also taken part in the G7 and G20’s official engagement groups known as the Think 7 (T7) and Think 20 (T20). Each year, the T7 and T20 bring together think tank and university representatives to develop evidence-based recommendations for the G7 and G20 to consider and hopefully adopt.