Hosei as part of its dedication to international academic exchange welcomes researchers from and sends its own to those universities and research institutes in China, Vietnam, Russia, Hungary, Germany and France etc with which there are mutual agreements. Young exceptional academics are also invited as fellows in the Hosei International Fund (HIF) Program, to conduct cooperative research with Hosei professors.

HIF Foreign Scholars Fellowship

In 1980, Hosei University in anticipation of the 100th anniversary of its founding, established the Hosei International Fund (HIF) to advance international cooperation in academic research and scholarship. As one undertaking covered by this fund, academics may apply to the HIF Fellowship Program, also known as the Foreign Scholars Fellowship Program.

Japanese Government Scholarships

The Japanese Government Scholarships program is an exceptional one. Students from abroad wishing to study in Japan discover that the process is a tedious one. The difficulty lies not only in the time and money it takes but also in the submission and re-submission of various documents. This program provides assistance and support in many areas. We hope that deserving students will avail themselves of this program to study at Hosei University.


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