Diego Cosa Fernandez さん

Diego Cosa Fernandez さん

Regional development advisor

Researcher in urban design and sustainability

As an HIF scholar guided by Prof. Jinnai Hidenobu (Dep. of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering and Design) I carried out territorial comparative studies on Japanese castle-towns set on inland plains. More specifically, I identified terrains with similar morphological characteristics: Ozu City (Ehime Pref.), Tamba-Sasayama City (Hyogo Pref.), Hitoyoshi City (Kumamoto Pref.) and investigated the influence natural elements -in particular water streams- had in the creation and transformation of urban districts, production systems or local lifestyles. The funding assigned by HIF allowed me to conduct in-site research on the selected areas.

 Since 2019, I have been collaborating with “一般社団法人キタ・マネジメント,” Ozu City’s local DMO, currently involved in a thorough urban regeneration project. I joined efforts to reinvent the use of vanishing abodes and bring in new blood into the community. Concomitantly with pursuing my research on regional studies, I am providing advice on urban and community revitalization (public lectures or local workshops), as well as establishing relevant blueprints on machitsukuri and sustainability.