Welcome Party for exchange students was held!

We had a welcome party and campus tour on September 13th.

That was the first chance Hosei students and Exchange Students from Overseas Program (ESOP) students finally met in person. It was a sunny and clear day so we could see the Tokyo Skytree from the Boissonade tower. I was so glad that many ESOP students were enjoying the nice view from the building so much!

We mixed up the group so we could make friends besides HUBs(Hosei University Buddy system) buddy. At the welcome party, ESOP students introduced themselves in front of the audience in either Japanese or English. Everyone was so good at speaking Japanese and I hope they will learn more Japanese during their stay in Japan.

After the introduction session, we did a Hosei quiz. There were 10 questions and some of them were hard even for Hosei students. It was a great chance for both Hosei students and ESOP students to get to know more about the trivia of Hosei university.

After the welcome party, each group went on a campus tour. Each group went to the library, and some classes and was introduced to each building Hosei had and cafeteria/seven eleven because food is always essential for hardworking students. The goal of the tour was the Shinmitsuke building where ESOP students take Japanese classes. That was the end of the campus tour and some groups went to have lunch near Hosei university.

Rin Shigemura
(Student at the Faculty of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies)

Self introduction by ESOP students


About 120 ESOP students attended.

Campus tour