The 38th Speech Contest for International Students

On Saturday July 13th, 2019, the 38th Speech Contest for International Students was held on the 26th floor (Sky Hall) of Boissonade Tower on Ichigaya campus.

The speakers – ten students from South Korea, China, Taiwan, Uzbekistan and India – entertained the audience with a variety of speeches with free themes, such as their feelings about life as an international student.

Any international student who enrolls in Hosei University can enter this contest, in which the contents of their speech, ability of expression and pronunciation are all evaluated.

Japanese students supported each of the speakers in terms of composing a speech and rehearsing it before the contest. This meticulous preparation led to a wonderfully executed contest. The speakers, who had been very nervous before their turn to speak, praised one another’s speeches with broad smiles after the contest. The event closed with a great round of applause from the all participants.

Please watch the video of the contest on our website!


Winner  Kim Ji ae-san (1st year, Business Administration, South Korea) “The Japan-ROK Ties after the Great East Japan Earthquake”

Group photo of the speakers and staff members