Baylor Students visited Hosei University for Japanese Study and Exchange Meeting

The nine visiting students and an instructor from Baylor University (Texas, USA), one of our partner universities, visited Japan and completed a short-term intensive Japanese language program,”Baylor in Japan”, from Monday June 10th to Friday June 21st.

This is the seventh year since the program first started, and it includes the following content: learning Japanese intensively at both Baylor and Hosei Universities, and experiencing Japanese culture by studying abroad in Japan for a short term and interacting with Japanese people.

The Baylor students experienced the following activities: Japanese classes with support from Hosei students and an instructor; a campus tour guided by Hosei students who have studied abroad; a Japanese tea ceremony with the cooperation of Hosei Tea Ceremony Club; a Japanese calligraphy class with the cooperation of Hosei Shodo-Kai; an exchange meeting with Hosei students who have studied abroad at Baylor or other universities.

In the Japanese calligraphy class, the Baylor students wrote their names in Kanji and chose their favorite Kanji to write with brushes. They also stamped the seal they had made from plastic erasers on the Shikishi Paperboards (thick colored square sheets of paper used for calligraphic poems or paintings). In the Japanese tea ceremony, they managed to kneel down throughout the ceremony, struggling with numbness in their legs! During the meeting, some Hosei alumni gave speeches about their study time abroad at Baylor University, their job hunting, and their current work. The speeches were very helpful for Hosei students who would like to study abroad. The Baylor students also gave some presentations about Japan that they had studied during the program.

This program proved to be a great success in terms of the mutual interaction it enabled between the Baylor and Hosei students, and offered some great opportunities to take an interest in each other’s language and culture. The meeting closed with a promise that the students and the instructors of both universities would continue to promote their future relationship. The Baylor students went on to Minami-Sanriku, Kyoto, and Hirosima for fieldworks after the program at Hosei.


Hosei University Global Education Center