Exchange student of 2017 fall semester has arrived in Japan

In this fall semester, 83 exchange students have arrived at Hosei University and started their study.
Global Education Center
 held Orientation and Welcome party for exchange students from September 13th to 15th. Therefore, the total number of exchange students including students from spring semester reached 98.

From this semester, we have started guide service by volunteers from our college. A lot of regular students have supported pick-up service, lunch and campus tour and became friends with exchange students.

The exchange students came from 46 universities in 17 countries, such as United States, UK, Italy, France, Germany, China, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Russia, Switzerland, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Austria, Australia, Bulgaria, Sweden.

They mainly take courses from ESOP and JLP (Japanese Language Program) and some students are taking regular classes if they have high-level Japanese ability.
They will stay at Hosei University for half a year or one year.

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IMG_orientation1Orientation IMG_orientation2Introducing yourself
IMG_orientation3Everybody says Cheers! IMG_orientation4Welcome party
orientation5Communicating each other orientation6Now they are all friends!


Group photo of participants