40th Japanese speech contest: “I feel a lot more confident after winning the contest. My efforts paid off” said the 40th contest winner, Ms. Yu Wan.

November 13, 2023

On Saturday the 18th of November 2023, Hosei University held its 40th Japanese speech contest as a continuing series of contests held every year to give our exchange students the opportunity to express, test and compare their Japanese language skills.

When interviewed, Yu wan-san told us she majors in Japanese in her University in China, where she is from, and that she was always enthusiastic about Japanese language since very young age. Despite Yu wan-san long experience with Japanese, Yu wan-san said she struggled preparing for her speech even after utilizing the help of two of the volunteers allocated to her by Hosei university.

Our 40th contest marks a proud mile stone to us, especially as our second contest after covid, which demonstrated our ability to restore our normal life after the hard time during the pandemic. The contest had 9 participants who all showed high level of competence and Japanese skills. To help them prepare their best speech, 2/3 Hosei university home students worked with each participant on enhancing their speech. It was great meeting all of our participants, and we wish them all the best in their future challenges. We are confident that they will find their Japanese skills beneficial in their professional and social life.