Wrestling club tour 2023 “You have to attack forward otherwise it will be easy to dodge you” said the wrestling coach of Hosei University.

December 8, 2023

On Friday the 8th of December 2023, ESOP organized a tour for the Hosei wrestling club. During our tour we watched the warm ups and the coach was kind enough to teach us and let us join some of the drills. We also learned the basic techniques of wrestling and some interesting facts.

The Hosei Wrestling club has 24 members who all joined the University on a sport scholarship which makes it one of the most advanced clubs of hosei. One of the club members is the Japanese representative for his category. Therefore, the drills performed throughout the session and the warm-ups are very advanced. One thing I have noticed was that all players despite their different sizes have the same body shape; wide shoulders, small waist and strong legs. The specific exercises those wrestlers undertake maintain their body shape and enhance their flexibility.

Like other sports clubs in Japan, Hosei wrestling club is very engaging so wrestling sessions are held every day from Monday to Friday for 90 minutes each. Such frequency gives the opportunity for all members to attend at least one or two sessions per week keeping them fit and ready at all times for the ongoing tournaments with local universities throughout the year.