Samsung Electronics Japan Co. Ltd. / Influencer workshop using SNS

Global Education Center invites you to participate in the Influencer Workshop hosted by Samsung Electronics Japan Co. This workshop is open to Hosei University undergraduate students only. If you are interested, please read the application guidelines below before applying.

Application guidelines

  1.  Type
    Influencer workshop using SNS
  2. Eligibility
    undergraduate students
  3. Number of participants
    About 10 students
  4. Period and schedule
    From mid-December ~(about 6 months)
    To participate in offline events such as the first meeting is mandatory.
    Regular meeting and other events will be held online.
  5. Contents
     You will work together with employees actually working onsite, at Samsung Electronics Japan’s smartphone department. You will work with Samsung Electronics Japan employees to become an influencer. The genre of your activities will be decided based on your hobbies, special skills, and other background. We will lend you a smartphone or other device suited for your activities so that you can work on them while actually getting hands-on experience.
  6. Desired candidates
    Those who are interested in becoming influencers.
    Those who are interested in marketing.
    Those who are interested in Samsung devices.
  7. Application Method and Deadline

    Applications must be submitted to the Global Education Center, Hosei University.
    Please use the application form below.
    The deadline of application is 28th November, 2022.
    Click here for the application form.
    After the application has been submitted, a selection process will be conducted by Samsung Electronics Japan Co.
    After the selection process, you will be contacted by Samsung Electronics Japan Co.

  8. Company Information

    Samsung Electronics Japan Co.
    Iidabashi Grand Bloom, 2-10-2 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0071, Japan
    Samsung Electronics Japan Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of mobile industires such as the Galaxy series, wearable products, and 5G and other mobile communication base station businesses in Japan. While meeting the needs of Japanese customers, we aim to lead the digital age by creating new products for the future.

  9. Inquiries
    the Global Education Center, Hosei University