Ukrainian Students Start Studying at Hosei University

Hosei University has accepted four students from Ukraine starting in September 2022.

Due to the delay in visa issuance, the Ukrainian students participated in orientation and classes online by the Global Education Center until their arrival.
By the end of September, their visas were issued and two Ukrainian students were able to come to Japan on September 25 (Sunday) and another two on October 2 (Sunday) to start their studies and student life at Hosei University.
The Ukrainian students will take classes on Japanese language, Japanese society, culture, and business, as well as interact with Hosei University students on and off campus.

In light of the recent crisis in Ukraine, Hosei University provides humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian students who have fled the military invasion and wish to continue their studies in Japan, and offers them the opportunities to study at Hosei University. While it is expected that it will take a long time for Ukrainian to rebuild their lives in Ukraine, we are considering continuing this program with the support of the Ukraine Evacuee Students Support Fund.

Click here for more details about the Ukraine Evacuee Student Support Fund.