Exchange meeting with ESOP alumni (Nov 21, 2018)

The exchange meeting with ESOP (Exchange Students from Overseas Program) alumni was held on November, 21st. Global Education Center invited two ESOP alumni (former exchange students from overseas) who are working in Tokyo. They made a presentation and gave advise to current exchange students. Ms. Saida KHALMIRZAEVA and Ms. Soomin OH were invited this time.

Ms. Khalmirzaeva is the instructor of ESOP. Her research field is Japanese literature. This time, she lectured about her carrier. She was an exchange student from Uzbekistan and enrolled in Hosei University from 2004 for one year. After she graduated from her home university, she entered Hosei University Graduate School. Her ardent study came to fruition as the scholar of Japanese Government (MEXT) scholarship. From her experience, she gave the advice to current ESOP students, “Please try various things while you are studying as Hosei students.”

Ms. Oh was an exchange student from South Korea. She is now working at “Mynavi corporation”, which is one of the major company of human resource services business in Japan. She got the job offer after she returned to her home university. She did not think that she would look for a job in Japan when she was an exchange student in Hosei. However, as her graduation got closer, she remembered her life in Japan and decided to find a job in Japan. She made a presentation and told her history and explained how to do “Shukatsu (就活)”, which is the job hunting in Japan.