How to Apply

Applying for HOSEI University Letter of Acceptance

Before requesting a HOSEI University Letter of Acceptance, you must first pass the primary screening conducted by the Japanese embassy/consulate in your country (Japanese diplomatic mission abroad). For further details, please visit the Japanese Government Scholarship Student program information page on the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) website. For information on screening dates and so forth, please contact the Japanese consulate/embassy in your country.

International students (research students) who have passed the primary screening to receive an embassy recommendation for the FY2022 Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Student program and wish to enroll in a HOSEI University graduate school program must gather the required documents according to the procedures outline below and submit them via e-mail by the predetermined deadline.

If you are a Chinese student who passed the exam at the Preparatory school for Chinese Students to Japan (PSCSJ) in Northeast Normal University, and wish to apply for a Letter of Acceptance, please explain your situation when applying.

Required Documents

  • For information on HOSEI University’s academic staff, please visit our website or Academic Researcher Database. There is no need to contact the professor to whom you wish to be assigned in advance.
  • Passing Certificate of the Primary Screening (photocopies are accepted)
  • Copies of all application documents submitted up to the time of the embassy’s primary screening (photocopies are accepted)

(Application, description of educational background, certified academic record of the university attended, letter of recommendation from the university attended, and description of the field of study and study program)

Send Documents to:

HOSEI University International Office, Global Education Center

Document Submission Deadline

The documents must reach us no later than  August 27, 2021 Documents that arrive at a later date will not be accepted. Chinese students: Undecided.

Notices and Precautions

Before applying for issuance of a Letter of Acceptance, please read the acceptance conditions of the HOSEI University Application Form for Letter of Acceptance. It takes approximately three weeks following receipt of your application to process it and issue a Letter of Acceptance. All sections at HOSEI University are closed during the mid-August summer break period. Please understand that we are unable to accept applications, respond to questions and so forth during this period.