Japanese Language Program(JLP)

Japanese Language Program (Only for Hosei Students)

※ Japanese Language Program (JLP) has stopped accepting new students from the AY2022 spring semester. Now, JLP only offers Japanese language courses for Hosei students.


HOSEI University has accepted students from overseas for many decades to develop the university’s international activities. For a more progressive internationalization, we start Japanese Language Program (JLP) for non-degree students who are non-native speakers of Japanese. This program offers a wide range of study levels and subjects for Hosei students who have N4 level or higher of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). It also, as one of objectives, focuses on attaining Japanese proficiency required for study at university undergraduate and graduate level, and business in future career. Our educational goal is to develop internationally competent students capable of communicating in Japanese and contributing to a global society. 

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