a)Exchange Students:

Students nominated by universities with which Hosei has a mutual exchange agreement are, in accordance with the terms of such agreements, exempted from the requirement to pay tuition fees.

b)Privately Financed Students(Undergraduate):

Students from other universities are required to pay tuition fees for the following Faculties as noted below :

Faculties of Law, Letters , Business Administration, Humanity and Environment,  Lifelong Learning and Career Studies

Inquiries concerning the other faculties of Hosei should be addressed to

2019 Undergraduate Tuition Fees
Item One semester One Year
Tuition Fee \394,000 – \520,000 \788,000 – \1,040,000
Facilities Fee \114,000 – \132,000 \228,000 – \264,000
Laboratory Fee \10,500 – \21,000 \14,000 – \42,000
(Applied for Geography and Psychology Department, Faculty of Intercultural
Communication, and Faculty of Lifelong Learning and Career Studies)
Other Fees
\7,000 – \10,600
(Payable only in the first semester)
Total \517,000- \665,000

\1,023,000- \1,320,000

※ As of March, 2019