Hosei University may recommend exchange students as candidates for “JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) SCHOLARSHIP FOR SHORT-TERM STUDY IN JAPAN” Students accepted by the Organization will receive scholarships of 80,000 yen per month.

Hosei University was not selected to receive the JASSO scholarship for exchange students in year 2018. Therefore, we can not pay scholarships to students from April 2018.
※This information is as of January 2018.


[1] Recipients of the above scholarships are selected according to recommendations made by the University. Scholarship allocations differ with respect to period and area.
[2] Spring Semester recipients will be notified at the beginning of April and Fall Semester recipients at the beginning of July.
[3] According to JASSO’s regulation, recipients should be the student from the university which have the partnership with Hosei University.

*Spring Semester recipients should also note that the interval between notification and expected arrival in Japan is quite short.
*The above information is correct as of July 2015.