Application (Year 2017)

How to Apply

Online application form

There are two separate ESOP online application forms. Applicants are required to submit both of them.

ESOP Application Form -1- < General information for Admission >

Application Form

ESOP Application Form -1- < General information for Admission >
How to save the application form?

Application documents

Before you submit the online applications, please make sure to prepare all of following documents.
These documents are needed in Online Application Form.
Applicants can submit the following documents via online application form.

1) Copy of any English Language Proficiency Test Score, for Non-native English Speaker
2) Copy of Japanese Language Proficiency Test Score (if you have taken it)
3) Certificate of Health (designated format by Hosei)



4) Curriculum Vitae (resume) [TYPEABLE PDF FORM] Download
5) Certificate of Grades at the University Currently Enrolled in
  *1,*2 (Either in English or Japanese)
6) Identity Photograph
*should be “head shot” passport-style, 4.5cm x 3.5cm (1.77in x 1.38in)
*should be taken within the last 6 months

*1 Official translation into either Japanese or English is necessary if the certificate is in neither of these languages.
*2 Note these must include the name of the institution and person in authority as well as the signature of the latter.


ESOP Application Form -2- < Application for Certificate of Eligibility >

Application Form

ESOP Application Form -2- < Application for Certificate of Eligibility > 
How to save the application form?

Application documents

Before you submit the online applications, please make sure to prepare all of following documents.
These documents are needed in Online Application Form.
Applicants can submit the following documents via online application form.

1) Exchange students only: JASSO Scholarship Application Form [TYPEABLE PDF FORM] <if you wish to apply for the scholarship>(Without this application, we would assume you do not wish to apply for JASSO scholarship.)
*Applicants required to calculate the GPA of the home university according to the “Important Notice about GPA Calculation”.
Form is to be filled out by the program coordinator or person in charge at your home institution.
<Important notice>
Hosei University was not selected to receive the JASSO scholarship for exchange students in year 2017. Therefore, we can not pay JASSO scholarship to students in AY 2017. For this reason, students who apply for ESOP 2017 don’t have to submit this form.   ※This information is as of January 2017.

2) Privately-Financed students only: Recommendation letters 
2 letters of recommendation from different professors of your home institution.
3) Scanned copy of identification photo page of your passport 
4) Certificate of Financial Means of Support
    (Either in English or Japanese)*3,*4  (e.g.: bank balance certificate)
Applicant should have the amount of expenses below to cover own period of stay in Japan.
 【 1 semester stay (for half a year)】:
  ・80000yen(/per month) × 6 months = total 480,000 yen at least
 【 2 semester stays (one year)】:
  ・80000yen(/per month) ×12months = total 960,000 yen at least

*3 The following person must be the same person. – Your “supporter” – Account Holder’s Name in “Certificate of financial means of support”
*4 Certificate must state the name of the bank and the name and status of the persons in authority whose signatures/personal seals it bears. Any missing information on the current bank balance could result in the invalidation of the application by Immigration authorities. Should the student be a recipient of a scholarship from any organization(s) in his/her own country, the applicant should also submit the original certificate (with English or Japanese translation) attesting to the amount of the award.

If you have not included ALL documents mentioned above, your application cannot be correctly processed. We are aware that some items listed above may constitute an invasion of privacy; however, for Japanese Immigration authorities these documents are requisite.


When to Send the Application

The application documents should be submitted to Hosei University, in time to arrive by November 30, 2016 for the spring semester or February 28, 2017 for the fall semester. Privately financed students will be notified individually of the result.

Year 2017-2018 Deadline for Application Notification of results
Spring Semester November 30, 2016 February 2017
Fall Semester February 28, 2017 May 2017

Student visa

For non-Japanese nationals to stay in Japan, it is necessary to comply with procedures which govern their eligibility to do so, in relation to the nature of their activity in Japan and the length of their stay. Students of non-Japanese nationality wishing to study at a Japanese university must qualify as “college students” in compliance with the “Law concerning immigration control and recognition of refugee status.” Persons who so qualify may not take up employment while in Japan unless that falls within the terms of the specific activity for which they are permitted to stay in Japan. The local office of the Ministry of Justice is responsible for determining such matters.
The Hosei University Global Education Center will make the necessary applications on students’ behalf.


After you received Certificate of Eligibility from Hosei University…

We will send “Certificate of Eligibility” after Japanese Immigration approved your application.
Students must apply for a student visa to enter Japan after they receive “Certificate of Eligibility” from Hosei. The nearest convenient Japanese Embassy or Consulate should be consulted regarding necessary procedures. Generally speaking, the following documents are required:

  • Visa application form: available from the Embassy or Consulate
  • Passport: preferably valid until the end of the proposed stay in Japan
  • Certificate of Eligibility: Hosei University will apply for a Certificate of Eligibility on each student’s behalf, and will send it when it is obtained; this will take about one month.

Note that requirements may vary according to the country concerned and students should contact the appropriate Japanese Embassy or Consulate for detailed information.


Exchange Students from Overseas Program, International Office, Global Educaion Center,
Hosei University 2-17-1 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8160 JAPAN
Tel: +81-3-3264-9402
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